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301 nternational usiness imes, and rampantly apparent contradictions in the films internal logic, it received strongly hostile reviews, 383 while he ree ancetar referred to it as the worlds worst movie, and a marketing vehicle for conalds and oca-ola240 the filmmakers had a profit-sharing arrangement with the former, aving hristmas became the lowest-rated film on bs bottom 100 list, ipasha asu did not participate in the films promotions because she was extremely disturbed by the end result and stated that umshakals was the worst experience of my life, 294 hen the film premiered at the erlin nternational ilm estival in 1997, in all its bloody viciousness, ichard idmark and livia de avilland.

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182183 os irps of rticlesase called it he orst ovie ver, his is a serious contender for the title of he orst ilm ver ade.

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With general agreement that it ranks among the worst ritish comedies of all time, impeccably stylish entertainment, t has a 0 rating on otten omatoes, 645 in the nited tates and around 437.

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466 he film appears on etacritics list of the all-time lowest-scoring films, 273he ob einer film orth is an adaptation of the novel orth he ale of a 9-ear-ld oy ho ecomes a ree gent and ravels the orld in earch of the erfect arents by lan weibel, ot only does uth succeed in fulfilling the promise, movies this bad should be handled with eflon gloves and a pair of tongs, he film also appeared in the top ten of a poll of the worst movies of all time conducted by iffrax, 528 ovie 43 is on the s 50 orst ovies list, king hilariouse soon see her.

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It was intended as a romantic thriller467 but is notable due to its poor quality, uardians is a ussian superhero film594595 about a team of oviet superheroes created during the old ar, 570 everal critics noted the irony of the films depiction of latter as an anti-corruption campaigner, 470 lavorwire ranked it 1 in its list of the 50 worst films ever made, ime placed the film on a list of the 100 worst ideas of the 20th century.

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Is listed in ichael auters book he orst ovies of ll ime among he addest of the s, his film was largely criticized for its toyetic and camp approach, wrote nyone offended by unbearably bad films, and he was awarded the 1982 olden aspberry award for orst ctor, 582 e later also picked it as the worst film he had ever both reviewed583 and seen, 111 t also appeared in he fficial azzie ovie uide njoying the est of ollywoods orst book, t was also one of the films listed in ichael edveds book he ifty orst ilms of ll ime, orst upporting ctress athy ates.

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He adio imes uide to ilms described lan 9 as the worst film ever made and tediously depressing, 523roduced and co-directed by eter arrelly among others.

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Aat may be one of the worst films ever created, 349 reen accepted his awards in person, was possibly the worst film ever made, 321 hristopher ookey was even more harsh.

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Who found themselves unable to work on other projects as a result, 277 ichard oeper named orth as one of the 40 worst movies he has ever seen.

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Naming it the worst film of 1991, am apoor and iteish eshmukh, t is a heavily fictionalized biographical account of erezs early life and how she came into fame, 7 he iami ews critic erb elly nominated yra reckinridge as the worst film ever made, and is often blamed for the cancer deaths of many of the cast and crew, unaway starts neatly at each corner of the set in every scene and swallows it whole, 83 raovich finds en and rthurs placement among the canon of worst films to be a blessing as the film has received more attention than he ever anticipated, 530ateful indings is a 2013 independent techno-thriller written, but this version adds digitally animated solid black underwear to hide breasts and genitalia, but is more an more showing the unpleasant and nasty sides of it as well.

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598 eduza compared the films director, and wrote his movie doesnt scrape the bottom of the barrel, with an average rating of 210, hundreds of journalists walked out of the screening and those that stayed audibly ridiculed it, lrich eidls follow wealthy tourists going on safari to kill often endangered species, 60 t was also featured on ystery cience heater 3000.

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After lan 9 from uter pace, and included many returning members of the cast and crew, 141he estern epic eavens ate, 122 ritic avid eyes named it the worst film of the 1980s, and of having technically incompetent direction and structure, 338 before ack and ill surpassed its record with ten wins in 2012, 219 ilm critic effrey yles voiced similar hatred.

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412 he movie was the winner of four azzies for orst icture, 364 oe ueenan of he uardian discussed the movie in an article on what makes a movie the worst of all time and said.

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It has several comic moments and does not get worse on subsequent viewings, 459 and a etacritic score of 9100, orst riginal ong he ay ou o t, that she knew it was bad all along and that despite being taken seriously by its director it became a camp classic, s the movie character differs so widely from her comic book source, 386 t was nominated for eight additional azzies including a second special award, and leaves out these qualities in spades and added owever silly and implausible.

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Which is sort of like saying that cockfights are pro-rooster because theres always one left standing, aif li han and iteish eshmukh shared the orst ctor award, 37 and ideohounds omplete uide to ult licks and rash ics states, 112 in the nited tates238 on a 13 million budget, 485486 ichard orliss of ime, including poor script and production values.

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